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Lawyers who represent victims of traumatic brain injury have a special obligation, because TBI can be utterly devastating, yet difficult to prove. That’s why the traumatic brain injury lawyers of Michigan Auto Law are helping other attorneys handle TBI cases properly. Keep in mind that traumatic brain injury law — and the automobile accident exceptions that exist under Michigan law — require very specialized knowledge. A closed-head injury, often called the “invisible injury” is difficult to detect in auto accident victims. In fact, doctors, emergency rooms and lawyers frequently miss brain injuries; so brain injury lawyers must ask specific questions to document symptoms and problems. If you have questions or wish to speak to a traumatic brain injury lawyer directly about your circumstances, please call Michigan Auto Law at (800) 777-0028. Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about Michigan brain injury law, and tips that can help lawyers avoid pitfalls posed by the defense in these complicated cases.

Michigan car accident law requires injuries to be objectively manifested, but that doesn’t mean auto accident victims who have traumatic brain injuries but normal MRIs do not have cases. Experienced brain injury attorneys explain how the closed-head injury exception allows people with brain injuries that are not objectively manifested to still receive help.

Most car accident victims with closed-head injuries would not be able to have their cases heard in court under Michigan’s difficult threshold law. The TBI lawyers of Michigan Auto Law clarify how the “automatic” route under the closed-head injury exception allows a person with a traumatic brain injury to still get to a jury.

The closed-head injury exception of Michigan’s threshold law states that a doctor’s affidavit is sufficient to carry a traumatic brain injury case past summary judgment in Michigan courts. But Michigan traumatic brain injury attorneys must comply exactly with the statute. Our TBI attorneys note defense attorney traps that could ruin a valid and legitimate case.


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