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There is an old adage that says "money makes people do funny things." Unfortunately, when it comes to inheritances, that adage does not even begin to describe the turmoil that can unfold when family members and friends begin to think they may have been cheated out of money. People who are generally thought to be caring, thoughtful and rational can quickly become hostile, conniving and greedy. Brothers and sisters who were best friends will disavow their relationships over the thought of "stolen money." These disputes can, and unfortunately often do, lead to complex legal battles.

Probate litigation is not merely limited to challenging the validity of a will or a trust. In Michigan, probate courts are set up to handle a variety of legal disputes related to probate proceedings. For example, probate litigation includes the contested determination of heirs in intestate situations, will contests, trust contests, challenges to the actions of a trustee, personal representative, executor, challenges to joint property, such as joint financial accounts, contested guardianships, contested conservatorships and litigation involving claims by creditors. Should you find yourself in one of these types of situations whether in Oakland County, Macomb County, Wayne County or anywhere else in Michigan, you should have a basic understanding of what these different probate litigation issues are. You should also have the peace of mind and confidence knowing that your attorney not only handles in probate litigation, but specializes in it.

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