Kansas Lawyers Assistance Program

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Kansas Lawyers Assistance Program

Individuals seeking legal assistance should first apply. Our field offices can't answer any questions or give legal advice until they have an application on file.

You may fill out any time you have access to the internet anytime day or night, whenever you can get online, on a computer, a phone or a tablet.

KLS handles cases in these areas of law: consumer, employment, family, juvenile, health, housing, income maintenance and individual rights law. Please see our of cases we may be able to take.

Lawyer Advice

You only pay for the time when you are on the line with the lawyer. The average time a person spent with a lawyer on the phone in 2013 was 12 minutes.This means the average cost for a legal consultation was under $40. The service is provided through our Application Line if two aspects are met:

  1. If we believe this service would be right for you, and
  2. If you agree to use this program.

Lawyer Referral

The Kansas Bar Association provides a service called Lawyer Referral. You can call or email this service and get a referral to a lawyer that will suit your needs.

Free Legal Answers for Low Income Kansans

Kansas is part of a national network to provide free legal assistance to income-eligible persons.

The program, hosted by the American Bar Association in partnership with the Kansas Bar Association, launched in the fall of 2016. The service expands legal services for those who cannot afford an attorney. Users have to meet eligibility guidelines in Kansas.

Civil legal questions (up to three per year) may be put online and users will get an answer via email.

The site is always available online and open to receive questions 24/7. All questions asked on ABA Free Legal Answers are protected by attorney-client privilege. about eligibility requirements and what happens when you use the service.

Self Representation

Kansas Legal Services provides as a service to low income Kansans to solve legal issues on their own. We also was to help busy Kansas courts.

Forms are easy to use, interactive forms that will give you the documents you need for filing or responding to legal actions in Kansas district courts.

Please note, it is always best to talk to a lawyer before moving along in a court case on your own.

Elder Law Hotline

For any Kansan over 60.

Access to Justice Advice Line

Please get this phone number from your local district court clerk. This hotline gives special access to district courts and persons referred to KLS by district courts in pro se (self-represented) and domestic law matters.


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