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The Iowa State Bar Association does not provide direct legal services nor do we provide referrals to individual lawyers. Below is a variety of information and services for the public - from consumer legal information to information about the attorney grievance process.

If possible, you should always talk to an attorney for help with your legal issues. The materials and resources available below are not a substitute for legal advice.

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Selecting a Lawyer
It is important to select an attorney who can help with the specific legal problem. Most lawyers practice in certain areas, and only take cases in their practice areas. An attorney who cannot help you may still be able to refer you to an attorney or law firm that does handle your type of legal matter. If you call a law office and learn they do not practice the type of law you need help with, ask them if they can recommend another firm. The Iowa State Bar Association offers a Find-A-Lawyer Service to help clients find lawyers. Access the Find-A-Lawyer service below and read suggestions on how to choose a lawyer.

Access the Iowa Find-A-Lawyer service to start your search.

Juror Information
Jury service is one of the most important duties of citizenship. The right to trial by jury is one of the most important guarantees of our freedom contained in the U. S. Constitution. However, this right would not mean very much without people who were willing to serve as jurors. When you are summoned to jury service, please answer the call to serve. It is your civic duty. It is your chance to participate directly in our democracy. To learn more about Iowa's jury selection process, please follow the links below.

Legal Forms
Several commonly used legal forms are available freely online. Below is a link to many of these forms. Please remember you should always confer with an attorney if you have any questions about the law.

Legal Assistance

In Iowa there are limited resources and programs available to provide free legal assistance. When you call a program to request assistance, you will be screened for eligibility. A client is eligible for assistance if their income falls within the established guidelines and if the case fits within the priorities set by the program. Not all clients who financially qualify will be able to receive assistance because of the limited staff or volunteer resources of the programs.

"You and the Law" Video Series and Brochures
The "You and the Law" video series and brochures were prepared as a public service by The Iowa State Bar Association's various committees and sections and is not intended to be a comprehensive statement of the law. Iowa laws change frequently and could affect the information in these pamphlets. If you have specific questions with regard to any matters contained in these pamphlets you are encouraged to consult an attorney. If you need an attorney please visit our Iowa Find-A-Lawyer service.


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