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This was my first injury case & I have never been through a lawsuit or anything similar to this. Since this was new to me, the team that was helping me fight for a win was very knowledgeable about everything and helped me understand what was going on for anything I was confused about. They did a great job, I won my case and although the amount I received was less than what I thought I deserved, it wasn't bad at all. The only problem I had was that my attorney was switched twice during the two years that I going through this pending lawsuit. The last attorney I had (Nicole P.), was the best out of them all. The other first two didn't seem to do as much as Nicole, since Nicole was more active in everything that was happening. Nicole would answer my emails right away if she wasn't near her phone. Nicole also wouldn't go forward with anything until she had my approval, and would give me general advice about certain things that made it easier for me to make my decisions. Thanks Nicole for being my attorney, I just wish you would have always been the same attorney throughout my whole case.

After going through two years of dealing with my case and just after my deposition (1 month later) Berg injury lawyers dumped me as a client. Once you're dumped as a client because of sloppy management over your case, it is very hard to find another lawyer who will pick up your case. There aren't many lawyers who want to clean up after another lawyer. People read the Reviews! There has not been any change in the reviews over the years. Do yourselves justice and find a lawyer who cares for their clients, not their pocket book. Your office can leave your "Phoney, I'm sorry" response on my review all you want. I will not except or believe you. After you dump me as a client, I've heard that you have done the same thing to other clients in this small Mayberry town. Word gets around. I want to save people the anguish of dealing with a company who are only in it for their own interests and not of the clients. People do yourselves worthy, and find a lawyer who actually cares for their client.

I've waited for two years they promise me they will help me to get some money from my claim after all the collision i am lucky i am still alive but this commercial berg injury was a lie, they settle a few bucks i guess the biggest share they take away from me the victim, i am the victim from the accident from and a victim from berg injury, such a waste.

This ppl lie and are full of crap! Their commercial makes you think that their honest, but all they care of is how much money they can make off of you, and trust if its not that much their going to forward your case to some un known attorney, that will be worse then they a total waste of my time! They didn't work hard enough for me I wouldn't refer anyone to them

(-1000) stars*********that's the rating they really deserve. As a heads up to all you people out there. "DO NOT HIRE THEM". I am saying this because of what one of my family member has experienced. At the end of said family member had to pay and receive nothing after over 2 years of back and forth, to satisfy his medical expenses that he in good faith thought Berg & Associates would have taken care of. I guess they have been ripping injured people off since "1981". The founder of Berg & Associates can't be too proud of himself but must be very rich..$$$$$$$$$$ Well final words "One who seeks help because of injury will in the end be more injured by Berg and all of his buddies" Who can you trust!

Just called Berg because I saw their lying commercial. About a guy that got ripped by an attorney that didn't get cost for all the medical Bills. I was rear ended by a female talking on her cellphone. I told them that I was in the same position. But that I hadn't settled. They came back on the phone and stated that they don't take these type of cases. They won't take my case, because my car didn't have enough damage and I didn't lose any limbs.


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