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Vogel Law Firm’s labor and employment attorneys provide comprehensive services in this technical area of the law. Our attorneys routinely appear before all federal and state agencies in North Dakota and Minnesota and represent a variety of businesses and industries, including health care, energy, transportation, utilities, long-term care, manufacturing, warehousing, retail and service establishments, food and beverage wholesaling, professional, banking and lending, hotel and motel, municipal governments, counties, and school districts.

Our mission is to understand our clients’ industries and to provide them with practical advice to solve their legal and business needs based on our knowledge and experience in the labor and employment field.

Human Resources Counseling and Risk Reduction. We advise employers on all aspects of personnel matters, including benefits, issues regarding hiring, firing, reductions in force, economic lay-offs, affirmative action compliance and plans, contract interpretation, FMLA issues, use of independent contractors and leased employees, federal and state discrimination, medical leave, and wage and hour laws.

Work Force Training. Our attorneys provide in-house training for employees and management teams regarding employment issues such as sexual harassment, compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and workplace violence. We provide up-to-date training and advice on these and other critical employment law issues that are routinely evolving.

Discrimination. We counsel our clients regarding EEO claims, sexual harassment claims, discrimination claims, and disability claims.

Labor Union Disputes. We represent clients regarding all aspects of NLRB petitions and elections, unfair labor practices claims, arbitrations, and collective bargaining agreements.

Regulatory Compliance. We guide our clients through all issues surrounding Workers Compensation claims, Unemployment Compensation claims, and OSHA violation and compliance issues

Document Preparation and Drafting. We advise and draft employment manuals, employment policies, employment contracts, and collective bargaining agreements.


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