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Emerson Law LLC is prepared to provide aggressive defense to all DUI charges in Carmel and Hamilton County Indiana. We are committed to defending those accused of drunk driving in Indiana from avoidable convictions and criminal penalties. Our clients do not sign plea agreements if they can get a better outcome by going to trial. The costs associated with a DUI conviction go well beyond the penalties imposed by a court. Most people charged with a DUI in Carmel are everyday people including, business owners, and housewives. In today’s world everyone must drive in order to make a living to support their family. After being charged with a DUI, your driving privileges will be suspended for some time.


  • DUI – driving under the influence
  • DWI – driving while intoxicated
  • OVWI – operating a vehicle while intoxicated

Carmel DUI Lawyers

Because Indiana DUI laws are always changing is it vital to have a DUI attorney if you are charged with OWVI. Emerson Law represents those accused of DUI, OVWI throughout Indiana. If you have been charged with drunk driving call our office immediately, and DO NOT plead guilty before meeting with a DUI attorney to review the facts of your case.

Even if it is your first offense, if convicted of a DUI in Indiana you face a long jail sentence and the loss of your driving privileges. Our DUI attorney’s goal is to find avenues to help you avoid a DUI conviction. If we cannot help you avoid a conviction our goal is to help you avoid excessive criminal penalties in Indiana DUI courts and at the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

The Price Tag of a DUI in Carmel or Noblesville

The costs associated with a DUI conviction include, court costs, fines, probation fees, alcohol treatment program fees, insurance premium increases, driving license revocation, and lost employment opportunities. By comparison, your costs for experienced legal representation can be just a small percentage of the overall costs.

The Science Behind a DUI

Unlike most other criminal charges DUI lawyers are also involved with complex scientific evidence (such as, Field Sobriety Tests, Breathalyzer, Blood Draw, alcohol absorption rates). Due to these complexities it is important to hire an attorney who understands how to use the “scientific evidence” as part of your DUI defense. Do not make the mistake to assume that there is no opportunity to beat the charges against you. Your DUI lawyers will review the facts of your case to determine if a DUI conviction can be avoided. It is an unusual case when a lay person can identify successful weaknesses in a DUI case. If a DUI conviction cannot be avoided, our DUI lawyers will work to reduce the charges and/or diminish the potential penalties, this is particularly vital when facing a second or third DUI charge.

Defending you against a DUI involves multiple layers of inquiry starting with the constitutionality of your initial encounter with the police (i.e. the legality of the traffic stop). To begin with, in order for the police to stop you the officer needed to have a reasonable suspicion that you may have broken the law. If the officer did not have a reasonable belief for the initial stop, then all of the evidence that the State plans on using against you must be thrown out making it nearly impossible for the State to prove that you were driving while intoxicated. If the officer had reasonable suspicion for the stop we must move to analyzing the reliability and credibility of the evidence the State plans on using to obtain a conviction. With DUI defenses including police failing to follow their own procedures, failing to correctly administer field sobriety tests, and testing errors occurring from breath machines, why would a person charged with DUI concede to a DUI conviction?

It is only after thoroughly scrutinizing the evidence against you, the evidence that will be used prove your guilt or innocence, should you consider pleading guilty to a DUI. After all, the life changing penalties for a DUI conviction are too serious to discount the possibility that the State’s evidence is flawed. A DUI defense lawyer never accepts the State’s evidence on its face. Our DUI attorneys will thoroughly examine the evidence against you, even if other attorneys believe the evidence cannot be overcome. We recognize that evidence in a DUI case is not as simple as it may initially seem. Call today to speak directly with one of our attorneys who will answer your questions about your case, as well as protecting your rights and driver’s license.


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