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Alimony? Child Support? Attorneys Fees? How about Decreased Legal Costs?

Many people are scared to death of the costs and confusing “legalese” that they believe they will have to bear if they need to hire an attorney. At Wall & Wall, P.C., our Utah trial lawyers have more than 190 years of combined legal experience – much of it in the courtroom – that we call upon to eliminate those concerns. We also dedicate ourselves to solving legal problems prior to the courtroom and are successful at obtaining mediation agreements to avoid costly court costs. How about a quick uncontested divorce? We even offer free legal advice in a 30 minute initial consultation so you can make sure we are the right fit for you.

Personalized Attention For Your Divorce Attorney Needs

We explain everything to clients in plain English in a comfortable, atmosphere at our law office. Because we treat everyone with respect and personalized attention, many of our new clients come to us as referrals from past clients happy with how we handled their legal matters. From practicing as long as we have, we understand the stress that a client experiences in these circumstances.

Our team approach with our attorneys, paralegals and staff to practicing law has given us a proven track record of obtaining successful results for our clients

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