Defective Drugs Lawyer Alaska

Holding Negligent Companies Responsible For Bad Products
Houston Defective Drug Lawyer Medication Injury Attorney

If a household appliance, medical device or medical product such as an implant proved to be hazardous to your health or safety, the attorneys at Flanigan & Bataille can help you recover for the consequences caused by such defectively designed or manufactured products.

During your free initial consultation, we listen carefully to your account of your defective product accident and act on what we learn by fully investigating your claim. We'll structure the facts of your case to maximize your recovery with the defective product's manufacturer and its insurer.

If the manufacturer does not act responsibly in negotiating a fair settlement to compensate you for lost income, medical bills, and pain and suffering, we will not hesitate to aggressively safeguard your interests in a courtroom.

The Flanigan & Bataille law firm puts more than 65 years of combined experience on the side of clients who are seriously injured, and families of victims who are killed because of defects in:

  • Medical devices, products and implants, such as the DePuy and Zimmer hip replacements
  • Dangerous drugs and medications with harmful side effects
  • Household appliances
  • Auto parts and accessories
  • Toys or children's furniture
  • Tools

When Your Claim Involves Multiple Defendants

It is possible that your defective product personal injury claim may involve more than one defendant. In some third-party claim cases, the producer, manufacturer, marketer, retailer or designer of a dangerous product may also be liable for the consequences of defective products.

At Flanigan & Bataille, we explore every avenue for recovery and investigate every lead to help ensure that you receive maximum financial compensation for the losses and harms you have suffered from a defective product.

We Work On A No Win-No Fee Basis — Call Us Today

To eliminate any concerns you might have about the cost of obtaining top quality legal representation, the contingency fee basis for our work frees you from the worry of having to pay attorney's fee unless and until we win your case.

At Flanigan & Bataille, we are dedicated to your maximum recovery — physically and financially. To speak with a defective product lawyer in Anchorage in a free consultation, contact us by calling 907-279-9999 or sending an email. Home and hospital room visits are available on request.


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