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new jersey car accident lawyers

3 Costly Mistakes Auto Accident Victims Make:

  1. Never accept a first offer. Your settlement will have to cover all of your current and future medical bills and lost wages‚ plus compensation for the pain and suffering you go through. But insurance companies pay an army of employees and attorneys to minimize the amount of money you receive. Don’t be tricked into settling for less than you deserve. Instead, let us protect you from a system that looks out for itself and get you maximum compensation.
  2. Focus on your recovery‚ not your finances. When you’ve been in a car accident‚ your health is your primary focus – as it should be. Working toward recovery requires your full attention. That means you can’t afford to let anything distract you.Instead, let us handle the details of your claim. Your time is too important to waste on the phone with the insurance company or buried in forms to fill out. Since we make you our No Fee Promise, you won’t even have to worry about coming up with the money to pay anything upfront.
  3. Don’t wait until it’s too late. New Jersey has a general two-year statute of limitations‚ but there are exceptions. In some situations, you only have 90 days to file a written claim or you lose your right to compensation. The sooner you contact an attorney‚ the better.

Building Your Car Accident Case from Day One

A cookie-cutter legal strategy just isn’t good enough for your case.

Our car accident lawyers have more than 50 years of legal experience between us, so we’ve got plenty of knowledge to draw from when we investigate your accident and start preparing your claim.

We’ll use that experience to develop a tailored legal strategy that makes the most of your case – and given our 97 percent success rate, we’re confident you’ll be pleased with our results.

We’ll evaluate your case right away, because we know you can’t afford to wait to get help. Call (856) 778-5500 anytime for your free consultation!

More Information on Car Accidents in Your Location

Where your New Jersey car accident happened matters – more than you might realize. We have handled car accident cases throughout the state, from North Jersey to South Jersey and everywhere in between. A few of the counties we have worked in recently include Burlington County, Camden County, Cumberland County, Essex County, Gloucester County, and Passaic County. We have handled car accident claims like yours in Marlton, Newark, New Brunswick, Paterson, Sicklerville, Elizabeth, Cherry Hill, Toms River, Trenton, Union City, Voorhees, Willingboro, Jersey City, Mount Laurel, and beyond. Because we handle cases from every region of the state, we can help no matter where your NJ motor vehicle accident occurred.

new jersey car accident lawyersUnderstanding New Jersey Car Accident Law

Wondering what the law says about your accident? State laws govern how New Jersey auto insurance policies work, what requirements are necessary to pursue a claim, and what kind of crashes you should report to the police.

No-Fault Law.

You’ve probably heard that New Jersey is a no-fault state, but if you’ve never been in an accident before, you might not know what this law means for you.

No-fault means simply that your own insurance company is the one responsible for paying any medical bills related to an accident, no matter who actually caused the collision. The no-fault law is the reason any auto insurance policy sold in New Jersey includes a type of coverage called personal injury protection, or PIP.

When you purchased an auto insurance policy, you chose a PIP coverage limit – hoping, of course, that you’d never need to use those benefits. Now that you do, it’s important to know which expenses your insurance company will cover and which ones are your responsibility – and that’s easier said than done.

Fortunately, Console & Hollawell has an in-house PIP Department that’s dedicated to making sure your bills are being paid correctly. That’s one less thing you have to worry about.

Auto Insurance Law

Between the at-fault driver’s insurance policy and your own, there’s coverage to get your car fixed or replaced, get the medical treatment you need and get compensated for the pain you’ve been through.

But getting that money isn’t easy. You’ll need to figure out what coverage is available, gather evidence to support your claim that you deserve money and negotiate a settlement or win a trial.

Comparative Negligence Law

If the other insurance company blames you for the accident but you disagree, you need to take action fast. It’s not unusual for an insurance company to avoid paying a claim – or try to avoid it, at least – by disputing fault, even if the facts show that their policyholder caused the collision. A lawyer can help you determine who’s really at fault and gather the evidence necessary to prove it.

Even if you can’t convince the insurer to accept all of the blame for the crash, you might still be able to get the money you deserve. State laws allow for claims involving comparative negligence, or situations in which both parties share some fault, according to the official State of New Jersey website.

If you believe you were in the right, don’t let an insurance adjuster take advantage of you. Find out for sure by having a car accident lawyer in NJ investigate the collision for you. We can use our network of experts in fields like accident reconstruction to find out what really happened the day of your crash.

Car Accident Reporting Laws in New Jersey

Was anyone hurt, even a little bit, in your accident? Did any car involved
sustain more than a few hundred dollars’ worth of damage?

If so, your accident should legally be reported to the police – no matter
what the at-fault driver might say.

Hopefully, you thought to call the police when the collision happened.
But many accident victims don’t, especially if they think their injuries
are only minor or the damage won’t cost too much to repair.

If you didn’t call the police at the time of the accident, it might not be too late – yet. You can call the police and file an accident report after the fact. Make sure you don’t wait any longer, though. At this point, any delay in documenting the accident or your injuries or in getting legal help can threaten your claim.

When you call the police after an accident, the official report can be valuable in supporting your claim. It can sometimes take a few days for New Jersey car accident reports to become available, but once yours is, you should be able to get a copy of it for a small fee.

Many police departments in NJ allow victims to get copies of their car accident report online, so there’s no additional hassle of having to go to the police station to pick up the report.


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