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New York Car Accident Lawyer | Keith DeVries

Thorough, fast, professional, friendly, and easy are just a few of the complimentary terms clients have used to describe the NYC Car accident lawyers at Greenstein & Milbauer.

And when you contact us, you’ll speak with either Rob Greenstein or Seth Milbauer, the firm’s partners, each of whom has more than two decades of NYC car accident and personal injury law experience.

We believe specializing in New York City car accident claims makes us more effective. For the past 2 decades we have established a high level of credibility handling car accident injury claims throughout the five boroughs. This experience and industry saturation means that insurance adjusters take us seriously, knowing that when we make a claim we’re prepared to prove fault in pursuit of the full compensation our clients are entitled to.

New York City and the communities that surround it are filled with lawyers practicing personal injury law and chasing after car accident cases. However, if you’re considering hiring a NYC car accident lawyer to handle your auto accident case, the list of skilled, experienced attorneys is very thin.

At Greenstein & Milbauer, our lawyers have significant experience handling auto accident claims and lawsuits. You could be entitled to compensation, but without legal counsel you may find it difficult to prove the fault of the other party and the true worth of your case.

All of our auto accident injury lawyers have years of experience negotiating with insurance companies and taking these cases to trial. Our firm’s partners, Rob Greenstein and Seth Milbauer, both with documented records of gaining full financial recovery for New York auto accident victims, are aggressive in court but compassionate with clients.


  • CAR: We’ll work with the insurance company to recover your property damage.
  • WORK: We’ll handle all paperwork and push to recover your lost earnings.
  • VISITS: We’ll come to your home or hospital.
  • YOUR EXPERIENCE: You’ll receive clear, fast, and highly professional feedback from New York car accident attorneys with decades of experience handling personal car accident claims in the New York court system. When you call Greenstein & Milbauer, you get to speak with the partners of the firm, Rob Greenstein and Seth Milbauer, and we will take your case seriously from the very first conversation.


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