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San Diego CA Immigration Attorney-Deportation Defense Lawyer

We’ll Help Guide Your Journey To Immigration Success

There are no shortcuts to immigration success.

  • Whether you want to bring and keep your family together
  • Whether you need to stop the deportation of a loved one
  • Whether you are looking for a path to a green card or to become a U.S. citizen

Whether your case seems straight forward or complicated.

And it doesn’t matter what country you’re from.

Our Formula For Your Success

By refusing to take reckless shortcuts over the past 20 years, our immigration offices have helped guide immigrants from over 80 different countries earn the right to live and work legally in the United States.

Our formula is simple.

Hard work.

Dedication to your goals.

Commitment to your success.

The difference between winning and losing is often razor-thin.

You win because your immigration lawyer made the extra telephone call, anticipated the hidden issue, interviewed important witnesses, and carefully prepared your documents.

You win because your immigration lawyer takes no shortcuts.

This formula – hard work, dedication, and commitment – has enabled Carlos Batara, who started as a San Diego Immigration Attorney, to expand his services into Riverside and San Bernardino, and to help immigrant families living in various states from Alaska to Florida.

Whatever your goals, we will not take careless shortcuts on your journey to immigration success.

Family Visas, Permanent Residence, Citizenship

Keeping Your Family Together – Your Spouse,
Children, Parents, Brothers, And Sisters

San Diego Immigration Lawyer Permanent Resident FactsAs an immigration lawyer, Carlos Batara’s highest priority is to help keep your family together.

Many clients seek entry to the U.S. because they want to join a family member who lives here. Some plan to get married when they arrive. Others are already married before they leave their home country.

Some clients do not seek our help until after they enter the country without permission. Others consult with our offices after they have stayed here longer than their visa allows.

In these situations, there is one common goal. To live here with family members.

As the son of an immigrant, Carlos not only understands, but also knows the struggles of immigrant families to remain a family unit.

That’s why, soon after starting as a San Diego immigration lawyer, Carlos quickly developed his formula for family unity – for successfully helping clients and their family members win immigrant relative visas, earn green cards, become permanent residents, and later achieve citizenship.

At minimum, success depends on careful preparation of various family-based petitions, applications, and government forms. But in some cases, issues arise which require special attention – issues like criminal convictions, prior arrests, or entries to the U.S. without advance inspection.

In all cases, straight forward or complicated, immigration lawyer Carlos Batara refuses to take a reckless approach.

It does not matter if your case seems simple or difficult on the surface. Some cases look simple, but they are really difficult with tough issues.

As your immigration lawyer, Carlos Batara will not just jump in and risk jeopardizing your chances for victory. Carlos strongly feels time must be spent in carefully reviewing all clients’ full situation and immigration history before filing any papers with the government.

Commitment to your success requires nothing less.

Preventing Your Family From Being Separated
Deportation And Removal Defense Services

The first part takes place at a trial in Immigration Court.

client-recommendation-for-san-diego-lawyer-carlos-bataraMost deportation and removal cases for clients who visit our Escondido and San Diego immigration lawyer offices are handled at the San Diego or El Centro immigration courts. For those who live closer to our Hemet, Riverside, and San Bernardino offices, deportation defense hearings usually take place in Los Angeles or Adelanto.

The second part, often necessary, takes place at the Board of Immigration Appeals.

Choosing the right immigration attorney for both types types of cases is crucial to your success.

(a) Deportation and Removal Defense – Immigration Trial Attorney Services – For Clients Facing Deportation

Are you or a loved family member facing deportation charges?

Based on his family background, Carlos knows when immigrants are trapped in this situation, they risk losing more than just their case. They risk losing their families and homes. They risk losing everything important in their lives.

Under such circumstances, you absolutely cannot afford shortcuts.

You need to know the good and the bad. Carlos does not believe in surprise endings.

From the beginning of your case, Carlos will present you with a realistic assessment of your possible outcomes. In Carlos’ view, you should know how difficult the road ahead may be, and what steps need to be taken to fight for your success.

Some deportation cases end after just two hearings. Others take up to ten years.

With several years of experience as an immigration defense lawyer in San Diego, Riverside, and San Bernardino, Carlos knows how to handle your removal hearings, however difficult, at Immigration Court.

As part of your preparation, Carlos will make sure you are ready to answer questions from the immigration judge and government attorneys.

As your immigration deportation attorney, he will interview all supporting witnesses in advance, prepare important evidence, and challenge any violations of proper procedures.

As your lawyer, Carlos will help you put your best foot forward.

(b) Deportation and Removal Defense – Immigration Appeals Attorney Services – For Clients Who Lost At Immigration Court

Have you already lost your case?

If you lost your case in court, you may be able to challenge the decision by filing an appeal.

You have to follow tight deadlines and strict procedures for deportation and removal appeals. This means you must move quickly or you may lose your opportunity to fight back.

Once your case is accepted, as your immigration appeals attorney, Carlos will ensure any errors made by the immigration judge are properly presented to a higher court to review.

Locating Hidden Paths To A Green Card – Applications
Under Special Immigration Programs

Since these programs can make a huge difference, perhaps enabling you to earn a green card to live permanently in the United States, our office takes extra care to figure out if you can qualify for any of them.

Determining eligibility for these programs can be difficult. You may no longer be able to apply for some of these programs. Still, they may help you if you meet certain requirements and took certain steps several years ago.

Employment Immigrant Petitions

Our immigration lawyer services include working with clients who seek the right to work, permanently or temporarily, in the United States through a sponsorship by their employer.

We help clients eligible through NAFTA, or as priority workers, skilled workers, and other work-related classifications become lawful permanent residents.


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