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I help entrepreneurs save time, money, and aggravation as they navigate the complexities of trademark registration. I also help them avoid costly legal mistakes in the selection and use of their trademarks.

A trademark attorney may help you avoid potential legal drawbacks. Common legal assistance that a trademark lawyer can provide with your trademark needs include:

Trademark Registration

If you decide to apply for Trademark registration, we can assist you from start you finish.

Trademark registration is obtained from the United States Patent & Trademark Office to help protect your brand. Trademark registration has many advantages such as creating a legal presumption of ownership and the right to sue for infringement should an infringement occur.

Registering your mark will help prevent others from potentially selecting a confusingly similar mark. Trademark registration will also allow you to place a "®" mark next to your brand name and indicates that you have federally registered your trademark. Thus, registration is the most important step in protecting your trademark.

Trademark Clearance Search

A trademark lawyer can do a Trademark Clearance Search before you choose a name, logo, or slogan for your business.

Search of federal and state trademark registration databases for similar marks that are used on related goods or services before filing. Our search tells if your mark or a similar mark is already registered or is awaiting registration.

This prevents a trademark application from being rejected by the Untied States Patent & Trademark Office and prevents a possible infringement lawsuit. Please note, the USPTO does not conduct trademark searches. Thus, it's crucial for a trademark lawyer to do a trademark search before you choose a mark.

Cease and Desist Letter

A document written by an entertainment lawyer sent to an infringer to halt purportedly unlawful activity. The letter warns that if the infringer does not cease and desist by the deadline specified in the letter, that party may be sued.

A trademark lawyer is able to offer legal advice regarding the use of your trademark, filing an application, and the likelihood of success in the registration process. Further, a trademark attorney may help you prevent legal pitfalls that can occur in the future.

Trademark Summary

  • A trademark is a legal protection for your name, brand, logo, or slogan
  • Trademark registration provides nationwide protection
  • Select a mark that is strong and not likely to cause confusion
  • Hiring a trademark attorney is highly recommend
  • And remember, your trademark is the face of your business


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