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Patent Attorney Los Angeles Salary

Legal Jobs in Los Angeles, California
In-house Salaries: Getting a Fair Deal |

Los Angeles is perhaps best known for its entertainment industry, but there's more than movie stars in this city. Los Angeles is also a major hub for manufacturing, trade, business, and technology. Its banking and finance industry is one of the largest in the country. This diverse professional landscape creates a great need for legal professionals in varying areas. You can find employment as an in-house attorney in many industries from real estate to biotechnology. If you're interested in relocating to a sunny climate where you can pursue your legal career, Los Angeles offers ample opportunities.

Los Angeles, CA Legal Job Market

Legal jobs in Los Angeles, CA are as diverse as the residents themselves. Jobs for contract administrators and contractual compliance specialists are particularly prevalent. If you're just starting out on your legal career path, you can find employment as an administrative assistant within a law firm. Los Angeles also offers job opportunities for legal assistants, paralegals, and litigation attorneys. Los Angeles is large enough to support law firms in a variety of specialties, including personal injury law, transactional law, medical malpractice, corporate law, and copyright law.

Legal Salaries in Los Angeles, CA

The average salary for an attorney job posting in Los Angeles is $53, 000. This is marginally higher than average, coming in at about 7 percent above attorney salaries for nationwide job postings. Your specialty can dramatically impact how much you'll make. A patent prosecution attorney in Los Angeles can expect to earn about $222, 000 on average. Meanwhile, legal assistant job postings offer $25, 000.

The average salary for a contract administrator in Los Angeles is $62, 000, making this an excellent option. A senior contract administrator commands even more, with an average salary of $82, 000. With the right focus, a legal job in Los Angeles can be very lucrative.


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