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Fremont, California, Personal Injury Lawyer
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Have you been injured in an auto accident, bike accident, or auto-pedestrian accident in Fremont or in the San Francisco area? Was a member of your family hurt or killed in an SUV rollover, motorcycle accident or trucking accident in San Jose? Are you looking for a skilled auto accident attorney?

Decades of Experience Handling All Types of Personal Injury Claims

I have been helping individuals who have been injured or have lost a loved one in accidents fight recover fair and just compensation for over 20 years. As your personal injury attorney, I will aggressively represent your interest. Here are a few examples of some individuals or families throughout the Bay Area I have helped since I started practicing personal injury law in 1988:

  • A bicyclist sustained an ankle injury when she is struck by a car making a right turn at a stop sign. The police report cites her as being at fault since she is riding her bicycle against traffic in violation of California Vehicle Code Section 21202(a), which requires a bicyclist to ride in the same direction as traffic. I was able to obtain a settlement of just under $100, 000 for the bicyclist.
  • A senior citizen is struck and killed by a Muni streetcar. The streetcar operator claims that the citizen ran out in front of the streetcar outside of the marked sidewalk. The police conclude the accident was the senior citizen's fault. I was able to obtain a settlement of $950, 000 for his widow and children.
  • A senior citizen injures her hip when she trips over a speed bump in the parking lot of her apartment complex while she is taking out the trash. I was able to obtain a settlement of $100, 000 for her injuries.
  • A woman sustained a spinal injury that caused her to suffer temporary paralysis in a solo vehicle accident. I was able to obtain a settlement of 252, 000 for her.

The above are examples of some personal injury cases I have handled. I cannot guarantee the same result as each case is unique. I can promise that I will aggressively represent you to obtain the best possible result.

I also represent those injured in trucking accidents and motorcycle accidents.

Contact a Skilled Palo Alto Car Accident Attorney Committed to Your Recovery

Act now and call 866-263-7866 or send me an e-mail for a free consultation to discuss your personal injury case, your legal rights and what I can do for you. My office is in Fremont, California, and I serve clients throughout the Bay Area.

I offer affordable, experienced and aggressive legal representation to clients in the communities of Fremont, Oakland, Hayward, Castro Valley, San Leandro, San Jose, San Francisco Bay and Union City, California. You will pay no attorney's fees unless you recover money for your injuries.


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